3 Reasons You Should Call Your American Advisors Group Reverse Mortgage Professional

August 21, 2019

3 Reasons You Should Call Your American Advisors Group Reverse Mortgage Professional

As a senior interested in a reverse mortgage, you may have already started to do a little research into the inner workings of this unique loan product. You may have learned some answers to your questions by looking at the American Advisors Group FAQs page online. You may have even asked everyone you know about it. But one thing you should do that will prove to be the most helpful in learning about reverse mortgages is to call your American Advisors Group Reverse Mortgage Professional.

Many seniors feel they should have all the answers before calling. Some feel they should only call once they have already decided a reverse mortgage is right for them. However, the best way to learn about reverse mortgages and figure out if it may be right for you is to speak to and learn from an expert. Here are three reasons why you should call your American Advisors Group Reverse Mortgage Professional now.

You speak to an expert in real-time about your exact situation.
You have lots of questions, and the general answers you seek can always be found online. However, nothing beats a live human being answering your questions immediately and in specific detail according to your precise situation. Your Reverse Mortgage Professional takes the time to answer your questions in exactly the context as it pertains to your unique circumstances.

For example, if you are wondering how much money you may qualify for, information online will tell you general data. However, if you call your Reverse Mortgage Professional, they will gather your information and calculate exact numbers. The answers you come away with will be accurate, customized, and tailored to you.

You have a personal guide for each unfamiliar step in the process.
There are many steps in the reverse mortgage process, and it helps to have a guide to help you hit each one perfectly. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Your Reverse Mortgage Professional will walk you through the nuances of each step, so you don’t miss a beat.

You will have one Reverse Mortgage Professional assigned to help you throughout, and because you are not getting passed around to a different person each time, your Reverse Mortgage Professional will know exactly at what point in the process you are. If the next step in your process entails meeting with a counselor, they will give you a list of names to call. If the next step is to fill out an application, they will be by your side to explain each question line by line. You have as close to a reverse mortgage personal assistant as you can get, and we encourage you to take full advantage of that!

You don’t know what you don’t know.
When you are new to something, there may be things you don’t realize that you don’t know. There may be questions you didn’t even know you should ask. For example, you may want to find out how much money you qualify for with a reverse mortgage in order to decide whether or not pursuing this loan would be worth your effort. You would then look online for a reverse mortgage calculator, enter some of your information, and come up with a very rough estimate that may seem as if you wouldn’t qualify for enough money to be worthwhile.

What you would not know, and what your Reverse Mortgage Professional would be able to tell you if they were by your side, is that there may be other options available to you in order to qualify for more. You may have first chosen a fixed rate, believing that a fixed rate is the better way to go. In reality, a variable rate may be able to qualify you for more money and be better suited for your particular situation. This is only one type of scenario in which an expert who is trained to know all options of this loan product will be able to advise you in ways that may not be immediately apparent to you.

If you are seriously considering a reverse mortgage, call 1-888-998-3147 to speak to an American Advisors Group Reverse Mortgage Professional and to get an Information Kit. Or if you prefer, you may submit this form to receive a phone call from us.

You will learn everything you need to know about your reverse mortgage better and more quickly than researching on your own. With your Reverse Mortgage Professional by your side, you will be armed with the knowledge to make the best decision for your situation, and you will be able to implement an intelligent financial strategy to make the most out of your reverse mortgage funds and your retirement.

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