American Advisors Group Launches New Reverse Mortgage Commercial

October 13, 2014

Orange, Calif. (October 13, 2014) – American Advisors Group (AAG), a leader in the reverse mortgage industry, today announced the launch of a television commercial featuring former Senator and national spokesperson Fred Thompson.

The commercial, “Trust in the Best,” is a 1:20 spot, part of the company’s newest advertising campaign that speaks directly to American seniors. It focuses on American Advisors Group’s position as the industry leader and most trusted reverse mortgage lender in the nation. The campaign emphasizes that borrowers can utilize reverse mortgage as a portfolio management tool to fund a secure, long-term retirement.

“We’re seeing a growing shift in consumer awareness about reverse mortgage as a viable financial tool,” stated Teague McGrath, chief creative officer for American Advisors Group. “More and more seniors are realizing that reverse mortgages are part of a smart financial planning strategy versus a loan of last resort. And, they understand the value of working with the established industry leader as their reverse mortgage partner,” he said.

The spot is airing across cable and national networks including ABC, NBC and CBS. It can also be viewed on the American Advisors Group YouTube Channel.

AAG is a leader in the reverse mortgage industry (featuring National Spokesperson, Senator Fred Thompson), setting as its prime mission to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction and to help seniors improve their lives. The drive for innovation and excellence, as well as the commitment to quality customer service, has led AAG to be among the top reverse mortgage originators in the country.

For more information, please contact Teague McGrath at 949-748-5133 or email

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