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At AAG, we are committed to helping Americans achieve their homeownership, retirement, and financial goals through the strategic and powerful use of their home equity.

By providing constant education and caring, unwavering service — supported by a full suite of customized home equity solutions — we are on a mission to help Americans live and retire better.

Community Engagement & Impact

As a member of not just the local but international community, AAG is committed to providing its employees and many partners the time, tools, and resources to make the world a better place.

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A Third Of Seniors Seek To Work Well Past Retirement Age, Or Won’t Retire At All, Poll Finds

More Americans plan to work past the age of 70 – or never retire at all – according to a survey released Thursday by reverse mortgage lender American Advisors Group.

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Nearly Half of Seniors Expect to Work After Retirement — But There Might Be a Better Option

Data from the American Advisors Group, the nation’s leader in home equity solutions, shows that seniors are pushing back retirement to make ends meet, and 2020 has only expedited that trend.

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AAG Moves HQ to Irvine High-Rise Reverse Mortgage Leader Using a Hybrid Model

AAG expands its space in Irvine Towers and is bullish on the hybrid workforce model.

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Best Reverse Mortgage Companies

A reverse mortgage is a contract where a homeowner can access the equity in their home as cash from a lender.

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